The Carrolup Centre for Truth-telling

When a collection of Carrolup artworks came home to Nyungar country in 2013, a unique and precious resource was returned to Western Australia.

Lost overseas for more than 60 years, the exquisite artworks by young children of the Stolen Generations offer a rare glimpse into the lived experiences of Aboriginal children during a dark chapter of our past, when systemic racism and discrimination tore Indigenous families and culture apart.

Curtin University is working on ambitious project to create a permanent, protective home for these artworks that will become a centre for truth-telling, healing and reconciliation in perpetuity.

Under the guiding hand of the Carrolup Elders Reference Group, the Centre will allow Nyungar communities to experience the artworks and follow the threads they offer for rebuilding shattered family connections. Further, the Centre will become a focal point for understanding the history and consequences of dispossession.

With your support, we can take an important step forward on our shared journey towards reconciliation and building a society that values and respects Indigenous culture, knowledge and heritage.

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