The Navigators

Our Navigators are explorers and wayfinders, mapping points of connection between aesthetics and ethics, between art and conscience. From these connections they seek insight, and from insight, change.

They seek to find their way from the known to the new: new ideas; new experiences, and in doing so to light new paths for others to follow.

A spirit of adventure and willingness to explore, with art and conscience as their sextants and compasses, is what compels and distinguishes members of the John Curtin Gallery Navigators Circle.

We invite you to join us.

Your commitment and ours

The Navigators requests an annual minimum commitment of $1,000. In return, our supporters enjoy gatherings for exclusive exhibition previews, artist floor talks and early bird opportunities to Gallery initiatives.

Payment options

Simply choose the payment style that suits you best.

$83/month – direct debit
$1000 – one-off payment
Over $1000 – choose your gift
Curtin Staff $38.47/fortnight pre-tax

For any assistance or enquiries relating to the Navigators, please contact our friendly team on +61 9266 4155 or email

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