Rebecca Dagnall – Featured Artist 28-4-2020

JCG recognises that now more than ever we need to support our local creatives & through #support4WAartists we will highlight a different WA practitioner each week. ⠀

This week we feature Kevin Robertson an outstanding artist who featured in the JCG’s Higher Degrees 17 exhibition with his series of awe-inspiring paintings of the Australian desert landscape.

JCG: Tell us about 2020 prior to COVID19:⠀
KR: I had been working on paintings that show light in a different way, with phase rather than just tone and colour. I am interested in how we reconstitute the information in the world into a 3D reality and was trying to look behind this reconstruction process at, for instance, how diffraction patterns might inform this. I was painting things in this fragmented way.⠀

JCG: How has the pandemic impacted your work?⠀
KR:  COVID-19 has made my working process more intense, a sort of all or nothing ethos has emerged. I was working on the Munt Street Satellite Dish painting when it struck and I think it has, oddly, made me think clearly about what I am doing and paint in a more lucid way.⠀

JCG: Are you working on anything now?⠀
KR:  Instead of going out to locations, I have mainly been working in the studio, using views out the window or painting from drawings and finishing off work from my memory.⠀

JCG How can we support you? ⠀
KR:  I am represented by the Art Collective WA @artcollectivewa⠀