Helen Turner
Gallery Director, Turner Galleries

For 50fifty:2020 exhibition
Support for the Arts: How the Art Angels Project made a difference!

Wednesday 5 August 12:30pm – 1:30pm

The Turner Galleries Art Angels Incorporated were patron of an innovative Artist in Residence Programme designed to provide practical support to artists in Australia. In fact, the term angel has long been used colloquially to describe financial backers of the arts!

Art Angels did not just provide financial support to the visual arts. Between 2001 and 2019, the Angels extended artistic networks between Perth and the rest of the art world whilst building friendships between artist and patrons. At a series of social events, hosted by Turner Galleries, Art Angels met the interstate artists they sponsored. Informal lectures, guided tours of major exhibitions and artists studio visits added to their enjoyment and knowledge of art and collecting. The art Angels also received generous discounts when buying artworks at Turner Galleries and many now have significant private collections

Helen Turner looks at colonialisation and Australian identity as she discusses the Art Angels works on show in the 50fifty:2020 exhibition by artists Robert Hague, Anne Zahalka, Marian Drew, Darren Siwes and Joan Ross. and how the Art Angels project impacted local and interstate artists.