Shane Pickett: Beyond the landscape: Dr. Diane Mossenson Gallery Proprietor, Mossenson Galleries

John Curtin Gallery

WEDNESDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER 2020, 12:30pm – 1:30pm

“My career has been a journey, expanding in scope; as I have grown in maturity, my work has become less like a photograph and has tried to explore the deeper meaning of the landscape.” – Shane Pickett
Born in Quairading (Ballardong Country) in the south-west of WA, Shane Pickett (1957-2010) was one of the foremost Nyungar artists of his generation. Combining his deep knowledge and concern for Nyungar culture with a confident and individual style of gestural abstraction, Pickett’s paintings resonated with a profound but subtle immediacy. Join Dr Diane Mossenson, Gallery Proprieter of Mossenson Galleries, one of Perth leading art galleries, as she discusses Shane’s practice and the works currently on show. His painting, Ancestors Before the Journey of the Dreaming, 2008 and his Six Seasons Suite, 2005 of etchings are part of the JCG’s current 50fifty: 2020 exhibition. Diane, who represents Shane’s estate and enjoys a professional and personal relationship with his family, will discuss Shane’s life and practice.