12.30pm – 1.30pm Wednesday 15 September 2021 (online)

The Indian Ocean Craft Triennial is the most important craft event in a generation. It identifies a region that has a rich history of cultural exchange but is often overlooked in the global powerplays of the 21st century.

This triennial opens up a way of appreciating the expanded role of craft, not only as original unique works in a gallery, but also as objects that are integrated into everyday life, including the rituals that give it meaning.

Join Kevin Murray as he discusses how the beginning of what promises to be a groundbreaking series of events can also be time to plant seeds for future possibilities for a flourishing craft world.

This event will be broadcast online. Please register to receive a link to the Premiere streaming at 12.30pm AWST Wednesday 15 September 2021, or visit the John Curtin Gallery YouTube channel.

The John Curtin Gallery co-presents the central international exhibition with Fremantle Arts Centre for this new festival of contemporary craft IOTA21: Indian Ocean Craft Triennial. 

The artists in the inaugural Indian Ocean Craft Triennial: Curiosity and Rituals of the Everyday are guided by principles of craft as a social practice capable of enhancing community innovation, collaboration and economic improvement. 

Blending traditional practice with contemporary materials and expressions they explore themes such as ceremony, colonisation, gender politics, ritual, and culture. Works include ceramics, fibre and textiles, weaving and painting.