Audio description of artwork by Simon Phillips in the exhibition, Sense and Sensitivity, with Dawn-joy Leong, 2021. Recordings by DADAA.

Audio transcript: 31 August at 11:15am. Colour image cliffs edge in skin tones looking like layers of bacon from top of the picture all the way down to the bottom of the image, at the centre a ledge in dark jagged rock reach across from left to right like vein just down from the centre and two trees struggle to grow from the dark rocky vein one tree at the centre upright and tall while the second tree on the right close to to ground leaning out from the edge. This image shows no access points just a cliff face, a mystery of nature that these two trees have manage to survive and be the only vegetation in such harsh and unforgiving environment.

Sense and Sensitivity celebrates the unique sensorial place of autistic artistry in the world via the lens of landscape photographer, Simon Phillips, and the deep listening of performance artist Dawn-joy Leong.

In a kaleidoscope of beautiful imagery and subtle sound, this remarkable collaboration privileges the feelings of both artists for the world; how they engage with it through what they see, hear and touch; revealing their exquisite appreciation for themes of diversity, balance, place and timelessness.

Exhibition open 17 November – 15 December 2021.

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