1.00pm – 4.30pm Saturday 27 November 2021


Curtin’s School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry will be presenting a performance and Q & A forum about Disability: the experience, access and representation in the Arts. Performed will be a moved reading of Mike Lew’s TEENAGE DICK. A raucous, sometimes hilarious re-creation of Shakespeare’s Richard III, this time in a US high school with young Richard scheming to become Class President. He’s not above using his disability to get what he wants, even if that means foiling the ambitions of friends or making out with the class jock’s ex- girlfriend. But will getting what he wants, finally, really give him the personal satisfaction he craves or merely propel him further along a pathway of vengeance and retribution?

The play will be performed by the students of Curtin’s Theatre Arts, under the direction of Dan Graham, with Dr. Suzanne Ingelbrecht as Assistant Director.

At the conclusion of the performance there will be a discussion on issues facing artists with disabilities. Dan Graham will be speaking as well as some of the creatives from the performance.

A FREE afternoon tea will be provided

1:15pm-1:50pm Sense and Sensitivity exhibition

2pm-3:30pm Moved reading performance of TEENAGE DICK

3:30pm-4:15pm Q&A discussion

Free event. Please register as spaces are limited. Refreshments will be served.
John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University, Building 200A, Bentley Campus, Kent Street, Bentley WA 6102
For further information, visit jcg.curtin.edu.au or call (08) 9266 4155. If you have special requirements to enable you to participate in this event, please contact JCG. For more information about AccessAbility services at Curtin University please visit curtin.edu.au

Sense and Sensitivity celebrates the unique sensorial place of autistic artistry in the world via the lens of autistic landscape photographer, Simon Phillips, and the deep listening of autistic performance artist Dawn-joy Leong.

In a kaleidoscope of beautiful imagery and subtle sound, this remarkable collaboration privileges the feelings of both artists for the world; how they engage with it through what they see, hear and touch; revealing their exquisite appreciation for themes of diversity, balance, place and timelessness.