Aboriginal children (coolingah) are nurtured by our families (moort) and grow up with knowledge our ancestors have passed down from generation to generation, sustaining the oldest living culture on earth and ensuring our spiritual, physical and emotional well-being.

Noongar and other Australian First Nations communities are working with Curtin University to share stories from the Carrolup River Native Settlement and other places where Aboriginal children and families were detained against their will.

We share our experiences and histories of the impact of invasion and ongoing colonisation, including the Stolen Generations, to promote healing and find common ground on which to build a shared future.

Curtin University is committed to work with all Australians and peoples from across the world, including our First Nations peoples, reflecting its values, and affirming its role as leaders in truth-telling and to seek peace, justice and equality for all.

Edith De Giambattista viewing the Carrolup Native Settlement Residents Memorial

The children of Carrolup in their classroom with Noel and Lily White and visitors from Katanning c1948