Carrolup Artwork Guide

If you think you may have a Carrolup artwork and would like to find out more, please read our handy guide below.


John Curtin Gallery are trying to find and identify as many Carrolup artworks from this era as we can as they are very culturally significant works for the Noongar people on whose traditional land the Gallery is situated.

If you have an artwork that matches any of the criteria below and you would like help to identify the artist or would like share the history of the artwork, please get in touch by emailing us here:

There is no obligation to return the work to Western Australia or relinquish ownership in any way, we are interested in adding to the story of Carrolup and the incredible artists who produced these works.

The majority of Carrolup artworks that were exhibited or sold in the UK and Europe by Mrs. Florence Rutter were created over a four to five year period from 1946.

The early artworks from the Herbert Mayer Collection were created at Carrolup from 1946-were from Government issue Pastel and Chalk-Drawing Books that were broadly distributed around schools in Western Australia.

Most of the works recovered from this era are un-named as the pages were removed from inside the books.
The paper is usually grey, dark brown or unbleached and measures around 17.5cm x 24.6cm (6.9inches x 9.7inches)