Rebecca Dagnall – Featured Artist 28-4-2020

JCG recognises that now more than ever we need to support our local creatives & through #support4WAartists we will highlight a different WA practitioner each week.

This week we feature Rebecca Dagnall.
Rebecca was included in the 2019 John Stringer Prize at JCG and also is a Curtin University staff member.

JCG: How has the pandemic impacted your work?⠀

RD: I feel very lucky that I am in an area where my loved ones have remained well and I have not witnessed the devastation a pandemic can cause directly. Because I am working from home & have been relatively house bound — aside from extensive dog walks, the world outside is again full of photographs. By again I mean when I am inspired it seems there are shots everywhere. Outside in the evenings it is empty & still which are two themes that I visit in my work. My work has centred around images of the natural landscape for quite some years now. I am maybe thinking of how I can bring a more urban or suburban element back into the work.⠀

JCG: Are you working on anything now?⠀

RD: Recently I have been working on a series looking at the idea of the spectre. I have been exploring the ghost as a time traveller & messenger that moves through past, present & future.⠀

I’m also working on a series of “Portraits of the dead”. These are related more to notions of existence & non-existence, death & things a little dark & unsettling. These have not been exhibited yet & I’m still working through ideas.⠀

Since our collective Covid experience however, I am taking a step back to respond to what is going on around me, but without the pressure of it having to ‘be anything’. So, it may go somewhere, or it may not. It is ideas of stillness that I’m interested in exploring right now.⠀

JCG: How can we support you?

If you’re interested in purchasing work you can contact me through to request a price list or email me directly with any interesting art related opportunities.⠀

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