28 July 2021

Oral Traditions, Contemporary Voices.

John Curtin Gallery Curator, First Nations Art Michelle Broun discusses Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander oral traditions and the passing down of history and knowledge through the generations.

Michelle’s presentation touches on the strength of oral traditions and how these have sustained Aboriginal cultures for thousands of years.

They will also talk about the importance of contemporary Aboriginal voices in the context of truth-telling and opportunities for healing and consider how might a First Nations definition of an ‘archive’ be different than that of Western mainstream definitions?

What are the principles and values associated First Nations ‘archives’? And how can mainstream institutions ensure Aboriginal histories and living heritages are valued and cared for.


15 May to 30 July 2021

Co-curated by independent curator, Anna Louise Richardson, and Gallery Director, Chris Malcolm.

[ THE ALTERNATIVE ARCHIVE ] presents a contemporary visual archive of regional Western Australian arts practice. The first WA survey of it’s kind in 20 years, it offers a dynamic anthology of how regional artists form the cultural heart of their communities and documents how regional artists, as story-tellers and keepers of alternative histories and records, relate to their people, towns, communities and regions. THE ALTERNATIVE ARCHIVE aims to increase understanding of the arts ecology, the practices and conditions of regional art making in Western Australia.

Supported by Navitas, Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Australia Council for the Arts, JCG Founders Club and Donor Circle, Regional Arts WA, Galleries West, Freighting Ideas, ART ON THE MOVE, Art Gallery of WA, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Lotterywest, Southern Forest Arts and The Creative Grid.

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