JCG recognises that now more than ever we need to support our local creatives & through #support4WAartists we will highlight a different WA practitioner each week!

This week we feature Andrew Nicholls.
In 2017 Andrew was commissioned by JCG to create “Flock” (pictured) to commemorate Curtin University’s 50th Anniversary.⠀

Tell us about 2020 prior to COVID-19:
I undertook a residency with @greyprojectssg in Singapore during Jan and Feb. It was a lot of fun, and thankfully I just managed to complete it before the pandemic hit Australia.⠀
Other than that it was business as usual, attempting to maintain my art practice while also working full-time as FORM’s regional Curator, writing for Art Collector and serving as Chairman of Gotham Studios. ⠀

How has the pandemic impacted your work?
I’ve recently gone onto the Jobkeeper allowance, which has meant a substantial reduction in income, but at least I have a job to go back to. My regional program for FORM had to be entirely cut and/or postponed. I was also meant to be on a follow-up trip to Singapore this week. ⠀

Are you working on anything now?⠀
For me the silver lining to this horrible situation is that I’m getting a lot of drawing done, and am able to spend more time on each one than I can usually afford to. My cat Crazy loves that I’m home all the time and he’s great company while I draw – he’ll lie on my lap or balance on my shoulders while I work.⠀
I’m currently completing a series of four very large drawings for ‘Here & Now 2020’ at @lwagallery, curated by @brentharrison_ I have some other pieces on the go as well for some upcoming award deadlines and plan to experiment with some new mediums and techniques while I have the luxury of spare time. ⠀

How can we support you?
2020 has been a double-whammy for me since, along with Coronavirus my gallery, Turner Galleries, has closed, and they sold a lot of work for me. However I’ve been really lucky to sell several works directly to clients while in lockdown. People can reach me via www.andrewnicholls.com.au or @andrewnichollsartist⠀

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