JCG recognises that now more than ever we need to support our local creatives & through #support4WAartists we will highlight a different WA practitioner each week! ⠀

This week we feature Erin Coates whose film “The Pact” was featured at JCG in 2018 in “Contesting Spaces”. Erin is currently included in the prestigious 2020 Adelaide Biennial at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

JCG: Tell us about 2020 prior to COVID19:

EC: I’d just come back from the monster opening weekend of “Monster Theatres: Adelaide Biennial”, so it was going pretty well 😄

JCG: How has the pandemic impacted your work?

EC: My short film “Dark Water” was due to screen several film festivals that have now been cancelled, two exhibitions I’m in have been closed, and my income has been reduced. But on the up side, I find I have more studio time.⠀

JCG: Are you working on anything now?⠀

EC: I’m doing a little commission for Artspace, undertaking the Tilt residency at Heathcote and working towards a solo exhibition project. My current work involves quite a lot of elements all focused on the Derbarl Yerrigan/Swan River, including freediving in the river, filming underwater, working with oyster shells and cast metal and creating a new series of graphite drawings.⠀

JCG: How can we support you? ⠀

EC: Follow me on Instagram + visit my website: www.erincoates.net
Lots of my previous work is on there and at some point this year I’ll have a studio sale.⠀